The Fin

Brentt Kasmiskie
Kirsten Rispin
Arim Yoon
Stephanie Fawaz
Adam Liss

Playable Version Here!

This was a game a group of friends and I put together in 3 days for the 2015 Games for Change Festival. Since time was such a factor, we needed a solid production pipeline, so I worked as the bridge between our artist and our programmer, making sure we had all the assets we'd need.

While Arim (our artist) began illustrating our shark, Stephanie (our programmer) implemented the basic swimming mechanics. Meanwhile, since we only had one programmer on the team, I set to work scripting a system to seamlessly generate an infinite level, along with decorative flora and fauna in a natural way. I also used particle effects to simulate air bubbles throughout the level, as well as the blood at the end.

As the game began taking shape, the one thing that was still nagging at me was the way the shark controlled. In order to make the player understand the impact of shark finning, we wanted the shark to feel graceful and powerful at the beginning, then weak and powerless at the end. As the game neared completion, I spent extra time and attention making sure the swimming mechanic felt tight, which involved playing with the drag and acceleration. I believe this really paid off as many people commented that, despite the game's depressing nature, they felt compelled to play it multiple times.