Ten by Eight Infomercial

Adam Liss - Director and Editor
Michael Dooley - Cinematographer
Tim Rogers - Writing and Talent

This was the first project I did with Tim Rogers. Tim is a game designer and author that I greatly respect, and while I originally met with him to discuss game design, when he asked if I'd be interested in producing a video for his upcoming game, Ten by Eight, I quickly agreed. For this project, I felt we needed a dedicated cinematographer, so I found a friend of a friend, Michael Dooley, to shoot it. Working with Michael and Tim was a great experience, and we went on to shoot another two videos together. While it might seem difficult to make an entertaining video about a puzzle game, Tim had no trouble riffing for hours, and by the end we had enough content for two complete 5-minute videos. It was incredibly fun piecing this somewhat-bizarre stream of consciousness together, and the video received nothing but positive feedback when it was released.