Adam Liss

Production and Design


Carnegie Mellon University

Masters of Entertainment Technology Entertainment Technology Center
  • Worked as Producer, Artist, and Designer for game projects lasting 1-3 weeks

Planned Graduation: 2016

The Colorado College

Bachelor Of Arts In English, Film Track Minor in Mathematics
  • In charge of marketing for Colorado College Film Series
  • Founding member of Colorado College Film Union

Graduated: 2008


Work Experience

Producer, Director, and Editor

Shooting Editing Coordinating
  • Created independent video production company to produce ads, Kickstarter videos, and other video projects.
  • Wrote contracts, set up interviews, and coordinated shoots.
  • Also developing and producing a web series about the rise of zombies in popular culture.
Period: October 2011 - August 2014

Production Assistant

Shooting Editing Organizing
  • Helped set up and shoot multi-camera classroom videos.
  • Edited classroom videos and prepared them for the web.
  • Helped produce screencasts and tutorial videos.
Company: Teachscape
Period: March 2013 - May 2013

Post-Production Coordinator

Editing Content Management Outreach
  • Managed's presence on YouTube, Hulu, iTunes, and other video sites.
  • Streamlined DVD production workflow by writing a script to automatically create chaptered DVDs.
  • Negotiated licensing agreements with various film and television outlets.
  • Worked with marketing team to promote timely and relevant videos.
Period: January 2012 - September 2012


Editing Copy Writing Curating
  • Ingested video in multiple formats and encoded for web distribution.
  • Added bugs, bumpers, and titles to videos; performed color and audio correction.
  • Wrote titles and descriptions, entered relevant metadata, and attached images to CMS.
  • Watched through videos looking for exceptional content to post on YouTube and other sites.
Period: August 2008 - January 2012