Adam Liss

Game Designer

About Me

I am a game designer with a particular interest in scripting and technical design. I believe mechanics and game feel are key to a successful game, and I enjoy building tools and working with the code until everything “feels” right. I come from a video production background, and love games with unique story and style. My goal is to explore new ways of telling stories through games and interaction.


Carnegie Mellon University

Masters of Entertainment Technology Entertainment Technology Center


  • Lotter-E: Currently developing a mobile game for the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries and the Atlantic Lottery in Canada that will serve as a proof of concept for new ways the lottery can use games to improve the planet. I served as point of contact for our clients, lead playtesting and research efforts, and helped team creatively ideate.
  • Cavemen: Lead a semester-long project to develop content for a CAVE 3-wall projection space. We spent the first half of the semester rapidly designing, prototyping, and iterating, and the second half implementing and polishing our designs. I contributed not only as a designer and a producer, but also a scripter as well.
  • Building Virtual Worlds: Over 11 weeks, worked as a member of 5 different teams to rapidly design, test, and build games in Unity. I did everything from rigging and animating to level design, running playtest sessions, and even some programming.

Planned Graduation: 2016

The Colorado College

Bachelor Of Arts In English, Film Track Minor in Mathematics
  • In charge of marketing for Colorado College Film Series
  • Founding member of Colorado College Film Union

Graduated: 2008


Work Experience

Production and Design Intern

Communication Design Testing
  • Helped run beta test and redesign for Reading Racer, a game that uses speech recognition to get kids excited about reading out loud.
  • Helped set up and run the beta test process, using SurveyMonkey, Zapier, MailChimp, and TestFlight.
  • Ran playtests, researched children's games, and made design suggestions, communicating them to the rest of the team via design docs.
Period: May 2015 - Present

Producer, Director, and Editor

Shooting Editing Coordinating
  • Created independent video production company to produce ads, Kickstarter videos, and other video projects.
  • Wrote contracts, set up interviews, and coordinated shoots.
  • Also developing and producing a web series about the rise of zombies in popular culture.
Period: October 2011 - August 2014

Production Assistant

Shooting Editing Organizing
  • Helped set up and shoot multi-camera classroom videos.
  • Edited classroom videos and prepared them for the web.
  • Helped produce screencasts and tutorial videos.
Company: Teachscape
Period: March 2013 - May 2013

Post-Production Coordinator

Editing Content Management Outreach
  • Managed's presence on YouTube, Hulu, iTunes, and other video sites.
  • Streamlined DVD production workflow by writing a script to automatically create chaptered DVDs.
  • Negotiated licensing agreements with various film and television outlets.
  • Worked with marketing team to promote timely and relevant videos.
Period: January 2012 - September 2012


Editing Copy Writing Curating
  • Ingested video in multiple formats and encoded for web distribution.
  • Added bugs, bumpers, and titles to videos; performed color and audio correction.
  • Wrote titles and descriptions, entered relevant metadata, and attached images to CMS.
  • Watched through videos looking for exceptional content to post on YouTube and other sites.
Period: August 2008 - January 2012